Divine Skills

The divine power source is accessed by godlike beings and the mortals they bless. An adventurer using Divine Skills is often identified as a cleric or paladin, and receives her powers from embodying the tenants of her heavenly benefactor with unwavering faith.

Divine Power in the Donaldlands

Since the dawn of the Age of Illumination, the Donald’s ties to the various churches of the Donaldlands have diminished greatly. For the entirety of his 63 year reign, Stuart never publicly worshipped any of the gods with the exception of Donald the Everfalling, Son of Donald. In fact, Stuart was instrumental in establishing an organized church dedicated to the worship of the then recently deified Donald. Many theologians theorize that Stuart intended to gradually disenfranchise all other churches to the benefit of the Church of the Everfalling in order to lay the foundation for a state religion with the Donald at the head. Although a state religion has yet to be established, the fact that the two succeeding Donalds have followed Stuart’s example in exclusively support the Church of the Everfalling makes the theory difficult to disprove. This consolidation of religious influence has been met with backlash in the form of secret societies and cults dedicated to preserving the integrity of the rest of the pantheon or to re-awakening long-forgotten “Elder Gods.”


Divine Skills correspond to the domains of the gods. A domain is a concept over which a god holds influence, and each god has a handful of domains he or she oversees. Every god claims influence over the Life and Death domains.

A character may only choose a Divine Skill if the god(s) she has dedicated herself to holds influence over that domain. For example, Esperanza’s character is a Paladin of Moloch and the time has come to choose her skills. Moloch is a scary guy, so Esperanza chooses the Death Domain as her first power skill. Next, Esperanza must consider what other domains her patron grants her access to. Moloch is the Dwarven god of fire, so she logically decides that he also oversees the Fire and Dwarfkind domains. Esperanza re-skins the Arcane Skill Elements (Fire) into Fire Domain for her second power skill and decides to homebrew a Dwarfkind Domain divine skill for her third. Now Esperanza’s paladin is ready to crack the skulls of heathens and make brain omelettes!

List of Divine Skills

  • Death Domain (Death, p. 124)
  • Life Domain (Life, p. 132)
  • Luck Domain (Fate, p. 130)
  • War Domain (War, p. 314)

Divine Skills

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