Welcome to Daggers of Donaldham, a campaign of daring dalliances with danger set in the downright delightful yet deadly Donaldlands.

It has been one hundred years since Stuart, Son of Stuart ascended to the throne of Donaldham and ushered in the what historians and scholars have come to call the Age of Illumination. The Donaldlands saw unprecedented advancement in science and technology as the brightest minds of man, dwarf, and elf were guided to discovery under the unexpected patronage of the Stuart Who Became Donald. This patronage continues today under the current Donald; the grandson of Stuart and General Barbara of B’dass. Railroad tracks link the great cities of the Donaldlands while elemental-charged airships and mithril-sided sailing ships transport precious riches from the colonies across the sea on the Isle of Dread and in the Southern Frontier. Increasingly, the common people leave the fields to work machines in the slums of Donaldham’s Smogtown. And the printing press spreads sensational serialized tales of the Donaldian Adventurers’ Guild to the masses. It seems the Age of Illumination will continue its steady march of progress for yet another century to come.

However, all progress comes at a price. Afterall, illumination does not destroy the darkness, it only scatters it. Tensions mount as people turn away from the institutions of both the arcane and the divine in favor of science and technology in order to “purely” master and understand the world. Expansion, imperialism, and capitalism inevitably lead to conflict and all-out war with peoples deemed savage by Great Donaldia, such as the Goblin Horde, wild halflings, and the fey. Exploration of lands heretofore unknown awaken ancient evils and forgotten empires.

As newly accepted members of the Donaldian Adventurers’ Guild (colloquially known as dags or daggers,) our heroes are of recognized skill and willing to face such threats in the name of coin and/or country. Continue, dear reader, and be dumbfounded by the death-defying deeds of the Daggers of Donaldham!

Daggers of Donaldham

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