Psionic Skills

Psionic Skills tap into an innate ability found only in the minds of sentient beings. Some say all sentient creatures can unlock their mind to discover Psionic potential, while others claim that only a small minority of people are born with such capabilities. The two most common Psionic Skills are Telepathy, the ability to see into and manipulate the minds of others, and Telekinesis, the ability to exert force upon objects using only the mind. Other types of known Psionic abilities include Astral Projection, Clairvoyance, and Precognition.

Psionic Power in the Donaldlands

Psionic Power is the rarest power source in the Donaldlands, those with Psionic Skills are usually received with heavy skepticism. Despite this, there has been a recent emergence of wandering gurus claiming to be ascendant experts of the “Hidden Path of the Third Eye.” Most of the gurus claim to either hail from the mysterious Other Continent or to have been spirited away there in their youth. Certain groups of the idle rich who lack the skill or interest to pursue amateur science have taken a fancy to Psionics and will house a guru at their manor or choose to follow a guru in his or her sojourns. While providing a guru with shelter or monetary support, a noble will receive lectures in esoteric philosophy and instruction in meditation.

List of Psionic Skills

  • Telepathy (Domination p. 127)
  • Telekinesis (p. 134)

Psionic Skills

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