Primal Skills

The Primal power source deals with the forces of nature: beasts, storms, and life itself. Characters using Primal Skills commune with the spirits of nature through ancient rituals passed down from their ancestors over the ages. Shaman and druids are two character archetypes that use Primal Skills.

Primal Power in the Donaldlands

Practitioners of the primal are rare in the civilized corners of the Donaldlands, but are quite common amongst the natives in the newly colonized reaches of the Southern Frontier and the Isle of Dread. City dwellers look down upon Primal Skill users as primitives and witch doctors, but the farmers of the countryside know well how invaluable a kind-hearted druid can be in times of trouble. The condescension expressed by urbanites is not one-sided, though. Primal characters view life in the brick and steel metropolis of Donaldham to be a suffocating mockery.
An unfortunate consequence of scientific advancement in the Donaldlands has been vast pollution and plundering of natural resources perpetrated by growing corporations to fuel their behemoth factories. Particularly egregious corporate operations have been sabotaged by vigilante Primal characters in recent years, and many corporations have made it standard procedure to hire “Loss Protection Specialists” to protect their interests. Some say that there is no place for the ancient ways of nature in today’s world, but Primal characters can’t ignore the call of the spirits, even if it forces them into direct conflict with the modern world.

List of Primal Skills

  • Creatures (p. 122)
  • Elements (p. 128)
  • Life (p. 132)
  • Nature (p. 133)
  • Weather (p. 138)

Primal Skills

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