Power Skills

Power Skills are special skills which grant our heroes extraordinary or supernatural capabilities not normally addressed in the default list of Common Skills.

Power Skills are categorized into five different power sources: Arcane, Divine, Mad Science, Primal, and Psionic. Power sources describe the thematic feel of Power Skills and loosely explain “where a power comes from.”

There are three rules regarding Power Skills. First, unlike Common Skills, a character may not attempt untrained rolls of Power Skills. Second, at character creation, a hero may possess ranks in no more than three Power Skills. Finally, at character creation, a hero’s Power Skills may not be derived from more than two different power sources. This rule is easily dealt with via creative re-skinning. For example, let’s say Brock is creating a character with the High Concept of Travelling Psychic Apothecary, and chooses the Mad Science Skill of Alchemy and the Psionic Skill of Telepathy to go along with this. Brock would also like his character to shoot fireballs from his hands, but alas, Elements (Fire) is an Arcane Skill, which would bring him to three different power sources. Brock solves this dilemma by renaming Elements (Fire) to “Pyrokinesis” and declaring it a Psionic Skill. Voila, Brock’s character may now manipulate fire with his mind.

The Power Skills listed in the following pages are pulled from the Legends of Anglerre rulebook. However, a few home-brewed skills are presented, as well. Creating your own Power Skills is not only welcomed, it’s allowed.

Power Sources

Power Skills

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