Donaldian Adventurers' Guild

The Donaldian Adventurers’ Guild is a Donald-sponsored mercenary organization established by decree of the 33rd Donald, Stuart, Son of Stuart, on the 1st of Hawkeye, 3305 (GDE 905.) Stuart’s primary goal in founding the Guild was to create a means of keeping track of and controlling the many powerful and mercurial adventurers who have filled an influential niche throughout the history of the Donaldlands. This goal was reached by providing unprecedented benefits to adventurers and their potential clients. The Guild acts as a third party between adventurers and those seeking assistance; creating a registry of adventurers and quests, ensuring payments, and enforcing contracts. In addition to organizational and contractual services, the Guild provides its registered adventurers a monthly salary and life insurance. In exchange for these benefits the Donald reserves the right to call upon members for extraordinary missions outside of the scope of the Donaldguard, as well as for the defense of the Donaldlands in times of dire need. Members of the Donaldian Adventurers’ Guild are commonly referred to as “Daggers” or “Dags,” stemming from the group’s name in acronym form.


Gaining membership to the Donaldian Adventurers’ Guild is an arduous process and only the Donaldlands’ most skilled are found among their ranks. The path to becoming a Dagger is as follows:

  • Step One: Potential members must first be granted probationary membership from a chapter Guildmaster.
  • Step Two: Probationary members are assigned quests under the supervision of full members.
  • Step Three: Once a probationary member has successfully completed two quests he or she is eligible for full membership.
  • Step Four: A basic “yea” or “nay” assessment is asked of each full member the prospect worked under during the probationary period. If a simple “yea” majority is reached, full membership is granted.
  • Step Five: There is no Step Five.
  • Step Six: Profit.


Members of the Donaldian Adventurers’ Guild are required to complete a minimum of six quests per calendar year. If a Dagger fails to meet this requirement his or her membership is revoked and all gold earned from salary within that year is deemed forfeit and must be immediately repaid. A member may also be expelled from the Guild due to refusing a quest tasked of him or her by the Donald or another official. Such a dereliction of duty oftentimes results in a charge of treason, as well.

A common rumor uttered in hushed tones amongst the Daggers is that unsavory or potentially dangerous members are “misted” by the powers that be. When a Dagger has been “misted” it means that he or she has been knowingly assigned a suicide mission by an official. Thus, the Dagger must choose to either face certain death in attempting to complete the quest or refuse the quest and be locked away for treason. The term “misting” refers to the Obscuring Mists, a mysterious perpetual fog located to the south of the Donaldmark, from which no has ever returned after entering. Pretender to the throne of Donaldham, Ken, Son of Ken, famously ventured into the Mists prove his worth during the Great Contest over a century ago. His fate remains unknown. Since the establishment of the Guild, several parties of Daggers have been sent into the Mists to retrieve either Ken the Lost, himself, or proof of his demise. All of these parties are presumed to have perished.


The Donaldian Adventurers’ Guild is comprised of multiple chapters headquartered in major cities and conflict zones throughout the Donaldlands. The largest of these chapters is located in Donaldham, the capitol of the Donaldlands. Each chapter is led by a guildmaster who acts as an administrator and mentor to members. The guildmaster of the Donaldham Chapter is Major Marcus Trenchard.

Donaldian Adventurers' Guild

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