Arcane Skills

The Arcane Power Source is commonly known as “magic” and is the domain of wizards and sorcerers. Arcane Skills allow characters to seemingly create something out of nothing or to temporarily bend the laws of reality. Arcane proficiency is usually attained through rigorous study of ancient, complex tomes but there are rare cases of people and creatures who are gifted with magical ability from bloodline or pacts with otherworldly beings.

Arcane Power in the Donaldlands

Traditionally, magic had been highly valued and respected in the Donaldlands. However, over the last century values have been rapidly changing alongside understanding of how the world works. Today, many see magic users as meddlers subverting the natural order, abusing dangerous and unstable forces best left alone. This sentiment has largely left the pursuit of arcane mastery to eccentric loners. Scholars seeking fame and recognition now devote themselves to a field of science rather than a school of magic.

List of Arcane Skills

  • Abjuration (Warding, p. 138)
  • Alteration (Transmutation, p. 136)
  • Chronomancy (Time, p. 135)
  • Conjuration (Dimensions, p. 125)
  • Divination (p. 126)
  • Evocation (Elements, p. 128)
  • Illusion (Glamour, p. 131)
  • Necromancy (Death, p. 124)

Arcane Skills

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