Daggers of Donaldham

The Mystery of the Idol of Hellaq

Part the First

Drinks at Dagger Mansion were the order of the evening, as those fine and fantastic fellows of the Donaldian Adventurers’ Guild took a brief respite from their quests. Notable celebrity Sandra Quarrel shared a brandy with her “Fire and Rain” compatriot Dr. Archibald Vivus and the nobleman Landen, Son of Landen, and were soon joined by inventor Delano Kern, skittering up on his astonishing spider-legs. Outside the gathering, the arconstruct I.D.10.T. slowly lumbered down the halls, passing time in his own solitary manner.

The fraternal fun and frivolity was not to last, as the gathering was interrupted by a summons from Major Marcus Trenchard, the guildmaster of the Dagger chapter. A mission of some import had been tasked to the Daggers, and this coterie had been selected with no contest from the rest, for they quest the best. Trenchard told the group of an elven merchant who had hired them to recover an artifact from a serpentine tower, looming on the outskirts of Smogtown like a…well, like a big, looming thing.

The coterie journeyed to the docks, there to meet with Samuel, a charismatic enigma of an elf, who tasked our heroes with obtaining the Idol of Hellaq, an eldritch item he desired greatly. It was thought to reside in the serpentine tower, where it may or may not be in the collection of a wizard. He advised the group to investigate on the night of the equinox, as the wizard might be otherwise occupied.

No sooner had our sexually-desirable questing quintet began the walk back from the docks when they were waylaid by Helena Thirdcoin, the corrupt constable. She brought the coterie to see William Needham, the firm and flush head of Dongco, a corporation of great renown. Needham is a collector of antiquities, showing the group his drawer full of odds and sods and promising them money beyond their imagining. Seduced by his tongue and pocketbook, the heroes of utterly impeachable character said they would think about it and departed, each going their separate ways.

Throughout the night, each member of our five-headed hydra of heroism was visited by persons unknown, who delivered a summons from a Smogtown mafioso who wished to speak with them. The coterie discussed this the next morning and, bolstered by Dr. Vivus’ personal distaste for assisting the poor and unfortunate, decided against meeting with this “charitable” gangster. Instead, they looked up an old school chum of the Doctor’s, a wizard with access to the hall of records, who was able to tell our pants-wettingly gorgeous fivesome more of the history of the serpentine tower, and of the supposed inhabitant – a mysterious sorcerer named Bob Sapp. This disgraced headmaster of the Sapp Academy of the Arcane Arts could prove a deadly nemesis for our coterie, but a perusal of the city records suggest that on the night of the equinox, he may leave the tower, providing a brief window when the Daggers might strike…



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