Daggers of Donaldham

Dream-Quest of the Unknown Genasi


Following the mind-rape of Harry the Hobbit, our questing quintet brought the remains of the Idol of the Hellaq to a wizard, hoping to have the artifact reconstructed through a “Make Whole” ritual. The wizard was quite capable of this task, and further asked our heroes if they would like the masking enchantment restored. Apparently, someone had cast a spell to hide the card which had been secreted within the Idol, and which Landen, Son of Landen, now possessed. They declined, and brought the now reforged Idol of Hellaq to Samuel.

When found at his improvised residence at the Docks, signs of a hasty escape were all around. Most of the camp was packed and ready to go, even though Samuel himself had assured the coterie that he would be there for several days. Nevertheless, Samuel was happy to see the Idol had been found, and paid the heroes the promised bounty. He then departed quickly, with his bodyguard Bloody Nikita promising that any interference would result in the interferor being skinned and made into a coat. It was because of this promise that our brave adventurers agreed to sleep at the Dagger Mansion tonight, lest the secret of the missing card be found and they become evening wear.

The humanoid members of the coterie retired to the Mansion’s barracks, while I.D.10.T. left for the Library, to study the books recovered from the Serpentine Tower. He read of the elemental forces that so fascinated Bob Sapp, and found himself overcome with a strange feeling of slowness and burden. For the first time, the great arconstruct fell asleep.

Each of our ravishing roughnecks opened their eyes to find themselves on a strange, alien terrain, gazing up at the stars. Convinced he was asleep and experiencing a “lucid dream”, Dr. Vivus began sexually accosting various group members. No sooner had he begun, however, than a booming voice called out from everywhere and nowhere. The voice, that of the sorcerer Bob Sapp, told of a mission to the moon, and warned of an impending launch. As a countdown began, the comely coterie found themselves restrained and sealed within clear tubes of an unknown nature. The area around them turned to a sterile room, which shook and rumbled. As the group struggled to break their bonds, Vivus worked to awaken from what he knew to be a dream. A shot from his Hydromatic Paroxylizer caused him to become alert and rise from his bunk in the Dagger Mansion. To his companions, he effectively disappeared from reality. One by one, Vivus woke his companions, until only I.D.10.T. remained.

Back in the Dreamlands, I.D.10.T. finally escaped from his prison and left the metal room, finding a bizarre assortment of constructs much like himself. They repeatedly declared a “hull breach” and pulled at I.D.10.T. to assist them. Arriving at a giant hole open to a swirling miasma of fire, water, and storms, I.D.10.T. found more constructs locked in pitched battle with a single hooded figure, floating among the chaos and firing bolts of lightning into the aperture. I.D.10.T. made his way out into the roiling chaos, and moved behind the small attacker. He threw a heavy metal fist at the cloak, but seemed not to damage the figure. Instead, it ceased firing, turned slowly, and revealed itself to him. It was a small, hairless woman – teal skinned and youthful, with intense hate burning in her eyes. She reached out to the arconstruct with one normal hand, crackling with energy, and one hand seemingly made of death itself. As she was about to fire upon I.D.10.T….

In the Dagger Mansion library, Sandra, Dr. Vivus, Delano, and Landen found their robotic compatriot slumped over his books. Together, they tried several experiments on waking up a sleeping robot, but could not figure out how to do something literally never done before. Landen, Son of Landen chose this moment to reveal that he was a telepath, and could probe I.D.10.T.‘s mind, possibly to wake him up. However, the arconstruct’s mind proved more alien than Landen expected – he could not quite make sense of it. Then, when all seemed lost, Delano found I.D.10.T.‘s access panel, hidden in the arconstruct’s heinie. With his robotics knowledge and a switch from Dr. Vivus’ Paroxylizer, Delano made use of I.D.10.T’s modular design to create an ON/OFF switch. The spider-legged inventor flipped the switch just as Landen was using his mind powers to probe I.D.10.T’s thoughts, hoping to find a way to wake him. The switch worked, however, and I.D.10.T. burst awake to find Landen present in his mind. He was not happy about that.

I.D.10.T. lunged at Landen, grasping the telepath around his neck and lifting him off the ground. Out of desperation, Delano reached out with his spider legs to restrain the raging robot. His attack, however, was fruitless, and I.D.10.T. rotated 180 degrees at his waist to face Delano Kern. The “oh shit” look on the inventor’s face was quickly erased by the arconstruct’s fist, who did what polio could not and took out Delano Kern. Meanwhile, Sandra Quarrel scooped up Landen and blasted off down the hall on her rocket-pack, and Dr. Vivus went to get the Dagger guards to break up the fracas.

Fortunately, by the time Vivus returned with the guards, cooler heads – and one unconscious head – prevailed, and as Sandra and Landen told their side of the story to the guards, I.D.10.T. was found in the disheveled library reading his book, Delano Kern out cold on the floor.



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